Sunday, November 06, 2011

  • We have a gopher in our backyard. I choose to embrace him/her/it for the time being, because he's like an organic rototiller, and according to this article I once read in National Geographic, gophers started the reconstruction of the ecosystem after the Mount St. Helens explosions. Also, I like to dig out his peephole, because he/she/it refills it the minute you turn your back. Entertaining. My solution so far is to turn off the sprinklers because overwatered lawns attract gophers, but if the kid cracks his ankle in a gopher hole, we're gonna hafta have words with this rodent.
  • Today was No-Guilt Sunday, but I felt guilty anyway after I got home from my architectural outing with my mom, so I finally made homemade playdough for the kiddo. It worked out astonishingly well, and once made it gave new purpose to semi-absurd kitchen implements like the meat tenderizer and the garlic press--suddenly they were toys and not just drawer-filling utensils. Good stuff. Our first batch of homemade playdough was yellow; next time I'm feeling guilty I'll make another color and soon I should have a whole rainbow!
  • I think we might go to Union Station on Thursday, as part of "Train Week." I would love to take the L.A. Conservancy tour but I think it's too much money and too much time to risk on a toddler. We'll do our own thing and then maybe hit Olvera Street for some Mexican food. The question is: Do I dare try to actually take public transit to Union Station? Hee. Ah, Los Angeles. :)

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