Friday, November 04, 2011

Trees and Puddles

Good day with Mr. Jackson! On the way to the mailbox we encountered a group of tree trimmers with lots of trucks and helmets and chainsaws and orange cones and branches falling and machines beeping! We just parked ourselves on the opposite corner from the action and sat and watched as they demolished a poor innocent carob tree, and it was an awesome show. One guy drove past and was like, "Wow, I want to join you!" Totally! My gratitude to the L.A. City Street Services Department for an excellent hour's entertainment.

Then after the rainstorm (and a nice long nap for baby boy), we went to the library to get our latest batch of books. After the library, we snuck into the not-open-yet Ballona Discovery Park at Playa Vista, which is an educational spot for kids to study estuaries and the Tongva people and so forth. Jackson had a blast finding puddles to play in and was quickly covered in mud. I kept waiting for someone to be like, "Madam, you are the most negligent babysitter I have ever seen. I will be contacting this child's mother and having you summarily dismissed from service!"

Suffice it to say, the mommy police never came, and I took the kiddo home for some nice hot soup and storytime. Tomorrow, another toddler rager. Whoo!

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