Sunday, March 10, 2013

Field-Trip Sunday: Santa Monica Museum of Flying & Airport Observation Deck

Today we visited the Museum of Flying at the Santa Monica Airport where they have a nice collection of historic airplanes and local aviation history. It's a genuine aeronautical reliquary with intentions of being a serious museum, but are still some climb-on fun-times for little kids, not least of which is the nose of a Boeing 727. (The 727 was once owned by FedEx and now embedded in the side of the building and available for little pilots to visit.) This was a very pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon, not least because the museum is bright and clean and very well-appointed for parents and kids alike!

Jackson checks out one of the planes parked outdoors. 

Cockpit simulator, once used for training real pilots, now used for thrilling little boys with big imaginations.

Pilot does his pre-flight checks...

...and then pulls back on the throttle for takeoff!

Jackson and copilot at the controls of the 727. Direct quote: "Ready for takeoff. We're going to Burning Man!"
In another part of the airport they have an observation platform where you can watch the planes takeoff and land, while listening to radio traffic from the control tower.

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