Sunday, June 10, 2012

Park Day: Ken Molloy Harbor Regional Park

This was our park day two weeks ago, but my camera batteries died so just posting this now. Sorry for the delay, grandparents! :)

This is the park where Reggie the Alligator lived his renegade lifestyle for a year or so. His owner-abandoner picked a wonderful place to dump him--the park proper is a vast wetland, and there's a wildlife sanctuary on the far side. Large swaths of this park are quite inaccessible (at least as far as urban parks go), and it's apparently a great spot for birdwatching, but I don't think we'll travel down here again for kiddie times. They have good play equipment and the ducks and geese are a nice bonus, but the driving distance and the scattered trash were a turnoff.

In grand Los Angeles tradition, a scenic view...of the oil refinery. Heh.

Race ya!

Duck duck geese.

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