Thursday, February 16, 2012

Unplanned Park Day: Vista Hermosa Natural Park, Downtown L.A.

We ended up at Vista Hermosa Natural Park quite by accident. We had some time to kill before the Echo Park Branch Library opened (they had some DVDs I wanted) and while looking for lunch, we found this amazing refuge in the city. As you can see from the picture above, this is right in the middle of downtown. That's US Bank Tower (the tallest building west of the Mississippi) in the background, and you can also see Disney Hall from the front gate.
In addition to a children's "adventure area," a random windmill and some of the best native plantings I've seen anywhere in the city, this little park has a waterfall, stream and pond. There were no creatures that I could see in the pond, but Jackson and I thought it was a pretty neat spot, just the same! The majority of the park is lawns, a jogging loop and some healthy and extremely well-maintained native flowers, trees and berry bushes.

I've trained my little naturalist well. This is him enjoying the fragrance of a trail-side sage plant. 

Stairs. Sunlight. Baby.

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