Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekend Outing: El Dorado Nature Center, Long Beach

I'm determined to visit every place in L.A. with Nature in the title between now and May to take advantage of the spring-ness of spring.

Today we hit the El Dorado Nature Center, which features 2.25 miles of trails and a sweet old-timey nature center. This park is great for kids, because it's completely controlled nature. Lots of junk species like mallard ducks and squirrels and slider turtles, lots of flat paths that are great for strollers and toddlers, and very little wildness and/or danger.

Jackson managed the quarter-mile track by himself, and then I carried him most of the way around the one-mile self-guided nature trail and we learned about tree names like "alder" and "oak." ("Oak" made him bust out Okie-dokie-artichokie from LeapFrog Letter Factory, LOL.)

J loved the nature center, because there were owls in the gift shop and they had a great touch table of bones, antlers and horns, which is something that I haven't seen at other museums. This was a nice controlled hike in Long Beach's great El Dorado Regional Park and since it was just a dash (OK, a long dash) down the 405, we'll do it again. The only downside was that it costs $7 to get in to park, but I suppose that's often the case with many nature areas.

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