Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bus 439 or Bust

What I learned today is that Metro's 439 bus line is a great way to get downtown, and despite the fact it only runs during commute hours, the uncrowded, unstressful door-to-door service to the big library is worth the wait. (The alternative route on public transportation is a subway and two buses, which is Too Much with a toddler. Meanwhile, driving and parking downtown during the week is just tiresome and/or unspeakably expensive.)

Doodlebug enjoying the fountain out front of the Central Library.

We were just at the main library to lay hands on some specific books, DVDs and audiobooks (I'm tired of waiting for holds to trickle in to our local branch), but we were lucky enough to stumble upon an unscheduled storytime about frogs and Jackson was invited to join the group.

The kid got to sleep through his first subway ride, but I had to wake him up to get him on the first of the two buses home. I compensated him for his interrupted sleep with some ice cream and he (predictably) thought that was a perfectly adequate deal. (This is the last stop on the Purple Line, Wilshire-Western, and this trip reminded me that they seriously need to push that thing to Santa Monica already!) 

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