Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Sometimes I think there's something wrong with me that I have no religious angst. Religious anger sometimes, rarely; but no religious angst. Maybe it's a side effect of being the child of nonchalant Protestants--Protestants aren't really famous for the faith-based self-flagellation anyway.

I have nothing else to say except that I enjoy taking cod liver oil, in part because it helps my eczema, but mostly because it sounds so incredibly 19th century.

I saved $5 on Tide today, with sales and coupons. I'm playacting at being frugal these days, and it's ridiculous, but the funny flip side of me buying anything, especially something not insanely expensive, is that is some people shop when they're messed up (retail therapy and all that), but I can only shop when I'm possessed of a feeling of "well-being," that mystical byword and would-be end-product of therapy. I've been shopping a lot lately. Mostly because I'm being sponsored by AA ;), but also, too, becuase I'm out of my...gee, self-flagellation...phase. I'm not trying to hurt myself through copious denial of self-care and general extreme asceticism.

What I'm trying to say is...I bought new underwear and that's nice for me. :)

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