Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Park Day: Exposition Park Rose Garden

Riding the rails with my baby. This is on the new Expo Line. He got another haircut, at the place he loves in Brentwood that has the car chairs. 

He only likes wearing other people's hats.

Obligatory rose vista, seeing as how we are at the Exposition Park Rose Garden.

Naturally I made him stop and smell the roses. Hee.
The Exposition Park Rose Garden is at the back entrance of the California Science Center, which was just recommended to me by Adi's mom. We were there too late in the day to explore it properly, but I loved the museum shop. I hereby declare it Least Useless Cultural Institution Gift Shop in SoCal. The other one I love is the Los Angeles Library Foundation shop at the Central Library downtown. I bought J a poster of animals since that's his never-ending obsession: "Talk about animals!" It really is bizarrely easy to take the Expo Line from our house, so we'll definitely make a trip down to the Science Center again on a day when it's not so hot and when we're able to make an earlier start.

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