Sunday, April 29, 2012

Park Day: F.E. Hopkins Wilderness Park, Redondo Beach

Jackson and fellow tots enjoy feeding the koi at the upper pond, right near the entrance.
When I saw him running down this little path these lyrics came to mind: "Little bunny foo-foo, hopping through the forest..."

Washing his pine cone in the drinking fountain, as you do.

The little babbling brook at this park is the best one I've encountered in L.A. Very fast-moving and naturalistic. We walked across a fallen-log bridge together.

Lower pond: Lots more ducks and turtles. More turbid water. Scary catfish things. At both ponds, they sell .25 handfuls of fish food out of repurposed gumball machines. Bring quarters.

F.E. Hopkins Wilderness Park sign: This little park is completely surrounded by apartment buildings and so forth, and the "wildnerness" consists mainly of unmown grass, but you can camp overnight with a permit. Gas barbecues, sinks and real bathrooms are available for campers.) If nothing else, it's a sweet little forested escape in the big city. They also seem to host (if not organize/manage) classes for little kids in a small classroom space toward the front. Very walkable with little dudes, and feeding the fish was a lot of fun.

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