Sunday, December 04, 2011

Jackson Goes to Town

After a Saturday visit with some of the mommy gang to the Skirball Center (the Noah's Ark exhibit was great!) we spent most of this afternoon in downtown L.A.

We had tickets to an L.A. Conservancy-hosted screening of Miracle on 34th Street at the Million Dollar Theater. We started out the afternoon at the bazaar-style Grand Central Market where we checked out the busy goings-on and had pupusas (Salvadorean grilled-cheese sandwiches) before heading to the theater. We lasted through about 15 minutes of movie until (a) we realized that despite being initially mesmerized he was going to try to narrate the entire thing for the audience ("Man...talking...neigh-neigh?") and (b) we definitively lost his binky, at which point we were like, "Hey, let's beat it and come back when he's five!" The guys at the concession stand expressed regret that we were missing the movie, but we scoffed, because as per toddler economics that was plenty of value for our entertainment dollar.

After that we walked across the street to see the atrium of the famed Bradbury Building and then circled back toward our car, but not before we took a ride (for the adorably retro price of .25!) on the Angel's Flight funicular railway. In the company of a toddler, this beautiful, very noisy and seemingly rickety relic was both vaguely terrifying and supercool.

Jackson tries to go over the wall before we begin the 315-feet ascent of the "world's shortest railway."

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