Saturday, December 17, 2011

Collared Shirt All Day!

Mom: "OK, tell me if the water is too hot."
[Insert kid in bath water, which is apparently too hot.]
Kid: "Tell me! Tell me!"

Touche, little guy, touche.

Great busy today. Las Vegas grandparents call, then wonderful toddler Christmas party with sugar and lots of love for the kiddos, then nap, then grandpa's birthday party (I kinda attacked a pregnant lady after she was nice to my kid and told her lots of stuff about babies because I was so! excited! for her) and then we even made it home in time for Santa's annual visit to our neighborhood.

The Culver City P.D. does this wonderful retro thing every year where they go to each neighborhood in the city, one by one, every night for about three weeks. Santa has his own huge car/sleigh thing, and he's escorted by about three patrol cars, who zip through all the streets in the neighborhood first with their lights on so everyone knows the big guy has arrived. Jackson liked Santa, but he was mostly impressed by Santa's car. I forgot my camera this time, but next year I will not fail you.

Jackson heading out the door to the first of his many events today. He's trying to clean his ears with a children's Q-tip while walking. He would not let go of the Q-tips. He now has clean ears.

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