Monday, December 19, 2011

$1 Crayon Rocks

I've been coveting a set of crayon rocks for Jackson since they're supposed to good for developing the "tripod grip" and because they're pleasantly sturdy, but I just wasn't loving the expense of ordering them online and paying for shipping. This is a DIY scheme that only cost $1 (instead of $10 with shipping and tax), although I ended up with crayon cookies more than crayon rocks!

48 crayons from Dollar Tree + worn-out muffin tin. For the record, it's true what they say: The peeling-off-the-wrappers is the hardest part. Turn on a TV show you like and then just get tearin'.
The "recipe" said 300 degrees for 8 minutes, but I think I ran for at least 15 minutes to get everything melted at that temp. I used plastic spoons to stir up the colors. The "bloom" on the top was the only evidence these were cheapo crayons.

Flipped. Pretty, right? The brown and beige tins have a swirl of white at the bottom because that's where I put the halves of the one white crayon.

Popped out...

...and packaged for Christmas morning.


Jenny said...

Very cool...until you find them scribbled on the back of your beige leather couch, the bookshelves, the wall paper, and the bathroom mirror all in one day after you tried to make dinner.

jengod said...

Ha, I'll bet. My friend Carrie swears that the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser fixes this, but We'll See.