Monday, October 24, 2011

  • Simultaneously worrisome and hilarious: I start reading "Five little monkeys jumpin' on the bed..." to Jackson and the kid gets up and barrels full-speed into the side of his crib. Why? To bump his head of course. And then he did it against the door jamb and then he did it against the wall, grinning wildly at us the entire time. (At that point we finally stopped him.) I laughed my butt off, but I think maybe we'll put that book away for a while!
  • OK, so apparently kids foster community in the most straightforward way. I actually talk to my neighbors now when I'm out walking with Jackson; he's the ultimate conversation starter. In any case, more than one neighbor has said, "Oh you live here? Did you just move in?" Only six years ago. Sigh. Oh well, I'm getting to know them now!
  • OMG OMG! I managed to get the thread in all the right places in the sewing machine and I remembered to put the foot down more often than not and OMG I made a really ugly produce bag out of an old Old Navy T-shirt. It even has a swanky gold button to spiff it up a bit. Yay! I did a DIY thing myself!

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