Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Plane! Plane!

Jackson and copilot in the cockpit
Vroom, vroom!
I think he's checking his blind spot.
There are no signs on the street for the Zimmer Children's Museum; just look for 505 Wilshire Blvd. and park in  the lot immediately to the west.
Thanks to mama K. for recommending the Zimmer Children's Museum, it's fantastic. We were supposed to meet up with mama S. and baby M. today but mama S. had a business meeting at the last minute, so we just went by ourselves for their Sensation City and Very Important Babies hours. I think Jackson is a smidge past the "sensation" setup; it was a lot of scarves, bumpy balls and rattles set up as a "circus," but the kiddie-pool ball pit was a hit and he crawled through the cardboard box tunnel a couple of times.

The publicity team for the Museum, which is located in the basement of the Jewish Federation Building on Wilshire between La Cienega and Fairfax, was in the room with the babies trying to get some footage, and that was incredibly distracting, but all in all it was a cute event. I think I might go back in two weeks when they're doing a "recycling center" theme with lots of reused materials, just to see if there are any cheap craft ideas I can steal.

Overall, the museum is a great space featuring a full-size ambulance, a speed-boat in a ball pit, a fire truck, a "main street" with shops and a diner and a synagogue, all sorts of sensory games, a moving water table and many other kid-size amusements I can't remember now.

The biggest hit, located on the lobby level, was the cockpit of a little Piper aircraft, complete with gauges, knobs, buttons, blinking lights and a yoke, so Mr. J could steer the plane all by his very own self. Once he made his way to the pilot's seat from the passenger seat (where he waited quietly for his turn because he is just a puddin' pop like that), he wouldn't leave for love or money. We'll definitely go back to the "zima" soon ("zima" is as close as he could get to pronouncing "museum"), possibly after a visit to the Tuesday storytime for the under-twos at the beautiful Slavin Children's Library, which is located across the lobby from the museum entrance.

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