Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Park Day: Lindberg Park

We loved this park. They have at least 10 different play structures, and at risk of sounding like a fruitcake, the playground has great "flow." Jackson would explore the play train, and then seemingly be called the pirate ship, and then the teeter-totter, and so forth. Oh, and speaking of the teeter-totter, Jackson recently learned he's a toddler, and every time I'd say teeter-totter, he'd point at himself and ask "Me?" I tried to explain the distinction between totter and toddler, but really, who's to say that thing isn't a teeter-toddler? We'll definitely be back at Lindberg in the coming years, above and beyond our regular Tuesday park day schedule.

Goofing around

On the march

Up up up! I want up!

Climbing climbing! Ladder? Stairs! Climbing climbing!

This awesome play structure has a pulley system the kids can use to haul sand up onto higher levels. Pulleys, aka SCIENCE. See, park day is educational.

Jackson continues his systematic assault on the playground

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