Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Park Day: Dr. Paul Carlson Memorial Park, Culver City

Our first stop on our new Park Tuesdays agenda was Culver City's Dr. Paul Carlson Memorial Park. This park where we saw the Culver City Public Theater play at the end of August. 

Carlson Park has no playground (gasp!), but he toddlers don't care. The historical markers located beneath various trees make for great "Climbing! Climbing!" should your kid be in a phase where he fancies himself a mountain goat. It's a lovely old park, surrounded by homes, about a block south of Sony Studios. The park has many mature trees, is criss-crossed by walking paths, and has a picnic area with barbecues and old-school stone fireplaces for really retro cooks. We enjoyed chasing squirrels, picking up litter, meeting local dogs, and keeping our eyes peeled for trash trucks.

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Cat York said...

I used to live across the street from that park. Love it. Your picture of the sun shining through the trees brings back memories. And your son is adorable! :)