Sunday, October 02, 2011

Amazing Weekend

After the medical trauma/drama on Friday, Andrew took US out for a beautiful Italian dinner (risotto primavera and lots of wine!), on Saturday I made a breakfast feast for my visiting best friend from high school and her husband, and we spent this afternoon at Venice Beach seeing all the wild denizens and their performance art.

Jackson marched straight for the water, because we were at the "Ocean, ocean, ocean" and the ocean is where the whales live.

A seagull stole Jackson's shoe, but then returned it.

We finished the day at this great Chinese restaurant and Jackson mastered his dipping technique. He got his start with waffle syrup yesterday and graduated to hoisin sauce at dinner tonight.

The weather in Los Angeles this weekend was exquisite, and the company of my family and friends was better.

Life is good.

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