Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday is library day, but we mixed it up a little today by visiting the Marina del Rey branch of the County of Los Angeles Public Library instead of one of our usual LAPL branches. Adorable little library, with tiny seahorse chairs and other ocean-themed furniture in the kids section and lots of nice fresh books! A really sweet space, and a great building overall, but I think it's too cramped and full of serious grownups to be a regular stop on our library itinerary. Still, I'm a library completist, so I'm very glad we stopped by to see it.

After the library we walked the Marvin Braude Bikeway until we got to Burton Chace Park, which is a lovely 1960s relic with views of the marina. We saw pelicans, cormorants and seagulls, plus boats boats boats boats boats!

BOATS! Marina del Rey boats, as far as the eye can see. The marina sounds like windchimes, with all the boat riggings clank, clank, clanking against the masts.
Jackson drops a dried bunya bunya leaf in the Chace Park fountain.
"Mom, I think we're lost."
Those lumps on the edge of the LMU boathouse dock? Sea lions.
The view from the hill on the far end of the park, overlooking the marina

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