Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Backstory: DH is away in the wilderness for a week on a work retreat (OK, he's totally at that Burning Man bacchanalia, but all the previous is also true) so it's just been me and Jackson. I've explained that Daddy is traveling for work and he'll be back in {X} days. Tonight I found my ever-missing phone (this time it was in a secret stroller pocket!), which has a wallpaper of DH, and Jackson was overjoyed to be back in contact with Daddy, even though there's actually no cell service where Daddy is, so it's all pretend and must remain so for {X} days. :)

P.S. Turn your head or your computer to watch the first video since I forgot video footage can't be rotated like stills. Oops!

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Jenny said...

So funny! One of the Stanford wrestlers lived with a girl who learned how to juggle fire sticks at burning man. Maybe your husband will come back with some new skills.