Friday, July 01, 2011

Today's Treasures from the Used Bookstore

I'm gonna stop my book-buying binge soon. Really.

Today I hit another one of the NJWC stores, the one closest to my mom's house in Brentwood. Prices to high, but overall, pretty good quality books. You'll be proud of me--I didn't buy the 30-pound brand-new dictionary in a slipcase just because it'd be good to have a nice dictionary for the kids...

But I did buy...

Two Bright & Early board books. I own the big versions, and I think I had a rule about not duplicating, but I guess I forgot it for Hop on Pop and Dr. Seuss' ABC. Oh well.

A forgotten Judith Viorst relic from the 1970s called My Mama Says there Aren't any Zombies, Ghosts, Vampires, Creatures, Demons, Monsters, Fiends, Goblins, or Things, which I like slightly less since I got it home and read the Amazon reviews. It is possible it's one of this kids books that is really for (or about) adults.

My First Animal Lift-the-Flap Board BookI also picked up DK's My First Lift the Flap Animals Board Book, because of Jackson's animals obsession, and because the kiddo and I both like the interactivity of lift-the-flap books.

So those are the book the actual child might actually read. And then I also picked up a like-new first-edition copy of Tasha Tudor's Bedtime Book (1977) that I found hiding in a dark, forgotten corner of the book section. I don't personally love ultrasaccharine illustrators like Tudor and Eloise Wilkin, but they are quite collectible, and I'm hopeful I can resell this at a profit.

I also paid too much (or just enough?) for the third edition (two editions out of date) of Janson's History of Art for Young People, as well as a previously-unknown-to-me volume from a 1960s series called Art of the Western World, of which I've collected several volumes already. Why do I buy books like these? Because (a) all things considered they are relatively cheap, and (b) I am mentally preparing for a post-apocalyptic universe in which my gang of ragamuffin orphans must study for AP Art History without benefit of the Internet or actual school.

Or...or I'm a crazy hoarder.

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