Thursday, June 23, 2011

Homeschool and Read-Aloud Resources

I'm quitting my job soon to stay home with Jackson, so I have terrible senioritis at work and spend a lot of time reading homeschooling forums and children's book blogs. To give back a little, and because it breaks my heart that they both aren't better known, I put together reference resources on a couple of book series that I love. Should you happen to be planning to educate your child at home using either a Charlotte Mason twaddle-free approach or in the Well-Trained Mind trivium system, these posts might be of interest to you.

Remembering the World Mythologies Series of Illustrated Books

Rediscovering Children's Choice Book Club Books, Affordable Vintage Editions of Great Storybooks


Jenny said...

Where did you find these? I can't find them on ebay or amazon. They look amazing.

jengod said...

The World Mythologies Series books are all OOP, but try and for good copies.