Monday, June 27, 2011

Signs Only
  1. Fish - Sign
  2. Tree - Sign
  3. Eat, food - Sign
  4. Cheerios - Sign (invented)
  5. More - Sign, mostly used in the context of Cheerios
  6. Light - Sign, maybe (sorta waves his arm in the direction of the light and is satisfied when I turn it on or off)
  7. Milk - Two-fisted sign, always performed with the greatest of urgency
  8. Hot - He knows how to use this for both hot food and general hot weather.
Signs and Words
  1. Bird - Sign, sometimes "Burr..."
  2. Cat - Sign and word
  3. Ball - Sign (he has the sign all wrong, but consider it a baby accent) and word
  4. Bye - Sign (waves) and word
Words Only
  1. Dog - Word; he applies this word to virtually all animals. Show him a lion, a monkey or a lizard, and he'll tell you it's a "Dog." I think he thinks "dog" means "general representative from the animal kingdom."
  2. Duck - Word; despite what I said above about everything being "dog," it's clear (to me, at least) that "duck" is a separate word
  3. Baby - Word
  4. Keys - Word, sounds like "eez"
  5. Bubble - Word
  6. Giraffe - Word, sounds like "juh-waaaf"
  7. Momom - Word
  8. Daddee - Word
  9. Lady - Word, reserved for passersby, not relatives or familiar people
  10. Bottle - Word, one of his many similar-sounding "B" words, I'll give him credit for this because he clearly points at the bottle and draws out the word.
  11. Yeah, yes - Word, this is probably his most common word overall. Ask this kid anything and he says, "Yeah!" He has never said the word no, but he is a master of the "vigorous head shake and push away" move in the place of actual language.
  12. Wow! - He totally learned this from his friend Xander at school who says "Wow!" in a very particular cadence.
Animal Sounds
  1. Cow - Won't say "cow" ("dog") but always says "Mooo..."
  2. Sheep - Won't say "sheep" (although he doesn't say "dog" in this case) but always says "Baa!"
Other Communication Things
  1. He's repeated words like goat, drum, flowers, bowl, door, bear, spoon and other things I've said to him, but those have all been one-offs so far. 
  2. He can also point to his head, hair, mouth, teeth, tongue, belly and feet, by request. He can find my nose, but when I ask him to find his nose, he pokes himself in the eye instead.
  3. He totally points at stuff and asks, "What is sis?" meaning, "What is this?" or "What is that?"
  4. He might be starting to say, "OK" as well.

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