Monday, December 13, 2010

My Baby Is Sick

My baby is sick, and it's my fault. We took him to Babies R Us today and put him in the shopping cart seat. Naturally, he chewed on the shopping cart because he's nine months old, and because we've been smug new parents who think bacteria is good for babies--toughens up the constitution!--and because I forgot the shopping cart cover that I got from my mom that we were too cheap to buy him ourselves, and so predictably (although you will note, we did not actually predict it) he's got an awful cold or flu.

When he's just a little congested he snuffles like a baby warthog; tonight he's snuffling like a full-grown warthog with a headcold. Poor little thing. Thank heaven I invested in the NoseFrieda--I did a couple of rounds with it and I think it helped.

Anyway, I feel awful that my baby is miserable, but I loved sitting with him in the rocking chair and just holding him for a long, long time. It felt like it made him feel a little better, and I petted him in sync with his labored breathing, and he feel into a deep heavy sleep. He went down with barely a whimper, and I can only hope that a good night's sleep will heal him.


Cupcake Mama said...

Hope J is feeling better.

OneMouthful said...

Hope Jackson's better. But I love that you admitted this. I feel like I always get dirty looks (no pun intended) for my lack of fastidious desanitizing. They're kids. Life is dirty.