Friday, October 15, 2010


Which building block sets produced by the German toy company Haba (or Habermaaß) are the best value? I came up with a list of the most popular basic sets of Haba building blocks, and figured out the per unit price. (This list doesn't include any of the specialty architectural sets, just the sets that the average enthusiastic parent would buy for his or her kid.) The conclusion of the price survey is that the smaller sets with the most unique or complicated elements are the most expensive. The simple block sets are the least expensive. Unusually, buying a set with a larger number of blocks does not decrease the per-unit price.

* Haba First Blocks, $32 for 6 blocks = $5.33/block

* Haba Patience Blocks, $15 for 3 blocks = $5/block

* Haba Discovery Blocks, $28 for 6 blocks = $4.67/block

* Haba Pixie Blocks, $20 for 7 blocks = $2.86/block

* Haba Kaleidescope Blocks, $36 for 13 blocks = $2.77/block

* Haba Clown Blocks Large Set, $44 for 41 blocks = 93c/block

* Haba Building Blocks Extra Large Starter Set, $110 for 102 pieces = 92c/block 

* Haba Clown Blocks, $33 for 28 blocks = 85c/block

Haba Colored Building Blocks, $36 for 30 blocks = 83c/block

Haba Baby's First Blocks, $15 for 12 blocks = 80c/block

* Haba Building Blocks Large Starter Set, $90 for 60 blocks = 66c/block

Haba Building Blocks Starter Set $40 for 26 blocks = 65c/block

Total number of blocks: 334, total number of blocks = 499, average price of block = 66c/block

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