Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Recommended Doulas in West Los Angeles/Southern California

We were considering using a doula for our first birth but ended up deciding it was too expensive. However, since we did go to the trouble of finding some names and recommendations of good local doulas in the metro Los Angeles area, we're just passing this information along to the Internet in case anyone needs it. Note: I haven't actually used any of these women, but they come recommended by doctors and trusted friends.

* Margie Levy - 818.994.6800 - margie at supportivedoula dot com
* Nancy Bedya - 323.646.4362 - nancybedya at earthlink dot net
* Shannon Heydari-Hernandez - 818.304.4777 - prodoulaservices at yahoo dot com
* Marquina Muñoz-Freedman - 310.463.5542 - quinasq7 at ca dot rr dot com

Good luck with your pregnancies and births, dear readers!

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