Saturday, January 23, 2010

Recipe 3: Chard Frittata

Mama made her first frittata! Totally out of order in the book, but the chard has been growing out of control lately, and with the four inches of rain we got this week the problem was going to get worse before it got better, so it was time to implement permaculture principle number 3 and "obtain a yield."

And the frittata turned out to be utterly gorgeous. The side profile of a slice of fritatta is yellow egg marbled with green frittata, and it's a work of art. Didn't have any onions or paprika, but the eggs, salt, pepper, chard and garlic worked just without them. There was a tad too much oil left on top at the end of the process, I think because I baked it instead of flipping it in the pan, but all in all, a happy success.

Proof of victory? Andrew thought it was delicious and had two slices!

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