Tuesday, October 12, 2004

So, I edit the Did you know? section of the English Wikipedia's main page a lot. A lot. I'm kind of territorial yes, but this isn't about that, I'll swear. There's this nincompoop who keeps posting inane DYK items about fucking American soap opera stars. 1.) No one cares about soaps, 2.) There's no hook, 3.) No one cares about soap stars, 4.) It's totally Amerocentric and provincial, which I really try to avoid, 5.) It's absolutely trash. Most of all, it totally FUCKS up the balance of DYK. I try to balance topics and geographic areas mentioned in every update: something from Hawaii, something about mechanical engineering, something about a weird food...and then in pops this superficial, useless piece of trivial (yes, yes, I know it's all trivia, but that's different than trivial) nonsense, and it throws the whole thing off. It's like there's a straight line of material, and then this soap thing drops the bottom out--like to the bottom of the Marianas Trench. GRRR. Anyway, it makes me rage, because everybody else, those people writing consequential articles, post them first as suggestions; this guy just goes in and does it. Which would be FINE if they didn't SUCK, but they do. Grumble grumble humbug.

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