Tuesday, November 18, 2003

I was dissed by the Fellowship people this afternoon. The timeline:

(Names have been changed to protect the guilty.)
3:15--I take my meds and eat a Snickers bar. No energy deficit for me.
3:30--I go to the bathroom. I certainly will not be distracted by pee-related problems during this momentous event!
3:45--I go across the street to the park, pick the sunniest table, and carefully arrange my paperwork for maximum accessability. I re-read my script so I can converse wittily about it. I don't suddenly realize it's a masterwork. But, hey, whatever works for Disney can work for me.
3:58--Here we go. Okay. Focus.
4:00--I stare at my phone, willing it to ring. Ring. Ring. C'mon, ring!
4:05--Panic sets in. Was I supposed to call them?! Omigod. I call Jules. No answer. I leave a message, at least hoping to get time-stamped as "present and accounted for" and not a flake.
4:10--Deeper panic sets in. Freak out and am convinced they've called my office number. After three glacially slow, terrifying tries I figure out how to remotely check my office voice mail. No new messages.
4:15--I call Jules again. No answer. Another message is left, this one outlining the work number versus cell number situation.
4:20--I try getting ABC Entertainment's number from information. The 411 operator is worse than useless.
4:22--I try switching the trailing four numbers of Jules' number to 6450 in hopes of getting a receptionist. No joy. Get the Disney commuter coordinator. She is an angel and gives me Vincent Smith's number.
4:24--Vincent Smith's receptionist answers the phone and snottily (really--she wasn't supportive at all) states that Vincent has been really busy and would like to reschedule. I say I'd be happy to do that. Tomorrow at 4:30 p.m. is designated as the time. I verify that they will call me, not the other way around, and that they have my cell number, and will call that and not my office number. I call Jules and leave a message that all is well and that I'm sure my voice mail dropped the message (I'm lying)
4:25--My heart rate returns to normal. I have GOT to stop doing cardio by way of panic attack.

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