Friday, September 26, 2003

Exciting nature-related sights: It's mushroom and mold season. There's this awesome yellow fluffy fungi native to our area and it's growing all over the place. Also, lots of interesting mushrooms. The white cap toadstools that are pretty common, and also, much delicate gray, thin-stalked one. There was a bird's nest beside a palm tree along my walk to work. It was very...nesty: Round, and made of twigs and straw and shreded newspaper. An amazing construction. I don't think humans could build something like that. And, last but not least, hanging between a palm tree and a stop sign was a gigantic spider web, featuring a ginormous yellow spider, gnawing happily away at the insect it had caught. I'm off to look up SoCal spiders on the web (spiders! web! glee!) to see if I can ID it.