Sunday, February 16, 2014

Photographs of Very Early Spring in the Backyard

This monarch butterfly stopped for the night on our olive tree. It'll take off once the sunlight warms it up.

Apple blossoms. Our small Anna and our Golden Dorset are already taking off, the big Anna and the Pettingill seem to blossom much later for whatever reason.

New growth on our wonderful California sycamore. I love this tree so much. Someday soon it will cost me zillions in pruning fees, but for now it's flawless.

Our first year with this greengage plum looks to be fruitful!

This volunteer curcurbit showed up too early for pollination and real growth in the heat so it'll be turn out eventually, but for now it's having fun.
Borage, I love you so.

Sunday breakfast looked pretty too. Happy spring ya'll!