Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Jackson - "Pike" Swim Class, YMCA

Jackson is in his second week of swim classes at the local YMCA. He's a "Pike" in teacher Jody's class and they're just starting out with the basics. He goes twice a week with his nanny Silvana, but I snuck over there today to videotape and photograph the proceedings for your entertainment.

Please enjoy the photo below of his swimming costume as well as the assorted videos in the playlist:

Jackson, Jason and a Helicopter

I don't know why there is a tiny helicopter outside of YouTube Space L.A., but we had fun visiting it anyway. (For the record, I've since learned that the "landing gear" on a helicopter is called "skids." While we were there we had to call them the "landing sticks." Hee.) Observers will note that this is a Hughes helicopter; YouTube Space L.A. is, of course, located at Playa Vista, which used to be Howard Hughes' personal airport. Anyway, photos:

He ran toward the camera yelling"CLOSEUP!"
Superkid is ready for takeoff!