Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jackson Does Very Important Work: A Movie Trilogy That's Likely Boring for Everyone But Jackson's Mom

Pens...Should they go in the box, or out of the box? A determined young man endeavors fiercely to answer this burning question.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

What happens to the organic matter we put in our green bins here in Los Angeles?

I Facebooked this a while back, but I'm reblogging mostly so I don't lose it. (A lot of my "blogging" is really overblown bookmarking.)

Friday, April 08, 2011

He Speaks!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have language! This week Jackson said, in context:
  • "Oh wow! Oh wow!" (the vacuum and the dish washer were deemed especially exciting)
  • Ball (multiple times)
  • Water and wawa; I thought I'd heard this before when we were playing with this little fountain we have in the backyard, but it came back this week. The first time he said water he was crawling at full speed, spotted two water bottles on his left, paused, noted, "Water" and carried on toward his original destination.
  • Elmo; again, he was mid-crawl, stopped, announced "Elmo" and barreled forward. (He's a little bit in love with a Tickle-Me Elmo we got as a hand-me-down toy.)
  • Keys; applied to both real and toy keys
  • Bubble; he'd been pointing at the shelf for two days and I couldn't figure out why, so I named everything on the shelf and when I got to bubbles, he lit up and repeated bubbles. (He gets a lot of bubbly funtimes at daycare so I assume that's how he knows what a bubble bottle looks like.) I took him outside and blew bubbles for him and he said it again.
  • Up (multiple times)
  • Bed (possible, tonight)
  • And last but not least, I swear to god, the kid asks "What is this?" and "What is that?" He'll see something new, look at me inquisitively and/or point, ask "What is this?" (which sounds like "wha is sis?") and be visibly interested/satisfied when I give him an explanation.
Yay baby Jackson!